Akdağlar Mining Industry and Trade Inc., a part of the Akdağlar Group, has a history and experience of 85 years and has become one of the pioneers in aggregate and sand production after being institutionalized in 1985.

In the Ayazağa facilities, all-in-one aggregate obtained by drilling and blasting goes through the 1100 tons/wk capacity crushing screening facilities to be turned into aggregate for asphalt and concrete. For the company, the sense of quality and environmental consciousness is important and it produces an average of 6,000,000 tons of aggregate annually by using high technology production techniques.


  • Crushing-screening facility 130 (600 tons/wk)
  • Crushing-screening facility 120 (500 tons/wk)
  • Crushed stone sand washing facilities, 2 (300 tons/wk)
  • Mechanical stabilization facility (400 tons/wk)
  • Natural sand washing facilities, 2 (300 tons/wk)