With its sense of quality service, AKDAĞLAR has started its journey to become a leading brand in asphalt production and road building activities, continuing its work in this direction.

Our mission is to complete our contractual jobs thoroughly and with the best quality to always satisfy our customers.

Our vision is to become one of the largest companies that produces asphalt in our country and become the best in this sector, as what we have accomplished is the assurance of what we will accomplish.

Akdağlar Asphalt entered the sector quickly in 2011 with its Asphalt Plant investment with a capacity of 350 tons/h (1,400,000 tons/year). It provides a deployment - compression service as well as producing asphalt. Bitumen, the raw material of asphalt production, generates 52% of the mentioned production cost. The production and sale of bitumen in our country is provided by TÜPRAŞ, unfortunately it was the sole trader. Therefore, Akdağlar Hot Bitumen Inc., which was founded within the group's body, started the Bitumen trade in 2010 with an international partner (Sargeant Group from USA) and ended the existing partnership in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

  • In the Ammann Asphalt Plant with a capacity of 350 tons/h, the daily production is 7,000 tons.
  • Also, there is a production volume of 450 tons/h for PMT.
  • In the Tekomak Emulsion production facility, products CRS-1, CRS-2, and MC-30 can be produced with a 10 tons/h capacity.
  • In the bitumen melting facility (barrel), it is possible to produce 7 tons of hot bitumen.
  • The printed/patterned asphalt applications were deployed on the roads and pavements of Beyoğlu.
  • On the layout roads, the PTT and İSKİ funnel lids have been heightened.
  • Turkish Republic Highways and Metropolitan Municipality have been supplied with asphalt to be used for their services.
  • With the colored asphalt production, it's possible to produce green, red, and gray colored asphalt.