Akdağlar Construction started its activities in the construction sector in 1989.

By starting at the beginning of 1990s with the Stage 3 of the Halkalı Housing Development Administration's housing projects, Akdağlar Construction moved onto the Selenium Towers project, a luxury housing segment located in the Beşiktaş Fulya Complex in Fulya which has 160,000 m2  closed space.

Starting in 2006, it completed the İstinye Seba Akdağ Dream project for which it has the ownership rights with a joint investment with Seba Construction Inc. in 2009.

The latest investment of Akdağlar Construction was a 50,000 m2  closed space AKPLAZA Office Complex with a BREEAM certificate and an A plus quality, and AKPLAZA won the first place in Turkey's best office project category at the European Property Awards in 2015.

In July 2015, the AKPLAZA project was rented by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality to be used as a building to gather the Department Heads under one roof.