Our Mission

To be an exemplary, solution oriented, dynamic, hardworking company open to business development opportunities with a team with a high potential as we meet our shareholder's expectations and contribute to the country's economy with over 85 years of experience.

Our Vision

With our leading and idealist identity, our belief in the value of research, innovation, and perfection continues. Making decisions based on information and data by using the opportunities technology provides, being aware of social responsibility and not giving up on our understanding of transparency, placing importance on tolerance and solidarity, and contributing to the country's economy and employment makes us even stronger.



AKDAĞLAR looks after the environment, staff, and society in all its ongoing activities making preservation a company principle.

AKDAĞLAR knows the value of the environment and preserves it in its activities, making its facilities environmental friendly and providing solutions to society and the environment beyond legal obligations.

AKDAĞLAR uses natural resources in a sensitive and attentive way, thinking both of today and tomorrow and the importance of the sustainability of nature for future generations, carrying out its investments accordingly.

AKDAĞLAR favors high standards in many details such as preservation of the environment in the production facilities, work safety, work ethics, and usage of fuel and raw  materials.

AKDAĞLAR makes many investments and takes precautions to preserve the society and the environment and to transfer the environmental consciousness to future generations. In our facilities where aggregate is produced, the production areas have been afforested with rehabilitation projects and after a short time landscaping has been commenced.

AKDAĞLAR Ready Mixed Concrete facilities specifically target the use of recycling units more productively. Accordingly, the left over concrete from construction sites are put to good use.

All waste except process waste is separated specifically and disposed properly according to legal regulations.


Akdağlar continues to play a part in leadership in all the sectors in which it operates with over 85 years of experience while contributing significantly to the country's economy with its dynamic and hardworking team.

In the field of mining, Akdağlar's main line of work, aggregate,  and sand are produced. With the increase of capacity in 2015, the goal is to have 10 million tons of production and sales annually.

Having succeeded in many important projects in the construction sector, Akdağlar was awarded Turkey's best office project with the AKPLAZA Office Complex at the 2015 European Property Awards.

Entering the asphalt sector in 2011 with a strong entrance, Akdağlar is today one of the largest asphalt producers in the country.

By offering quality solutions in every sector, Akdağlar has been working non-stop for 85 years to create a big civilization out of a handful of soil and make life beautiful.