Founded in 2010, Akdağlar Nickel Mining Inc. started its production and export in the city of Osmaniye after the existing evaluations of an approximately 5-million-ton nickel reserve. The company carried out exports of $3.5 million in 2011. By founding a company centered in Albania called "North Star Mining SHPK" in 2009, it has purchased the richest nickel field license in Europe and started its R&D studies.

In 2011, it has become the supplier to the biggest nickel producer in the Balkans, the Fe-Ni company, and exported 30,000 tons up to mid- May.

Northstar Mining was founded in 2001 in Albania's capital, Tirana. In 2010, Akdağlar incorporated Northstar Mining, planning to invest in the Balkans. The company has the largest Ferro Nickel reserve in Albania and the second largest copper reserve in the country.

In December 2010, the largest running permit of 9 km2  was given to the North Star Mining company for 20 years. The report written in March 2005 by Mining and Process Technologies Office states that there has been a total of 40,000 m of drilling, 53.5 million tons of 0.97% Ni, 41.53% Fe and 0.07% Co ores. There are approximately 31 km of production-transportation tunnels in the permit area.

The cost of these tunnels is over $20,000,000. The total potential reserve has been reported as being 22 million tons by the Golder Associates company which has a signature validity in the world.

The Albanian Ministry of Energy gave the North Star Mining company a running permit for 20 years for the 15 km2  Rehova Copper - Zinc in 2011. Until 1990, the Albanian government drilled approximately 50,000 m and the geological reserves were 1,350,000 tons, in 2008 this was given to another private sector and with the new 5,000 meters of drilling of this company, the reserves increased to 5,000,000 tons. The sale value of the permit for 10 years is $1 billion and the profit is $250 - $300 million.